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Object -oriented Programming with Smalltalk book

Object -oriented Programming with Smalltalk by Harald Wertz

Object -oriented Programming with Smalltalk

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Object -oriented Programming with Smalltalk Harald Wertz ebook
Publisher: Elsevier Science
Format: pdf
ISBN: 9781785480164
Page: 550

Smalltalk is een objectgeoriŽnteerde programmeertaal met dynamische typen, van het concept 'design patterns' op software, Extreme Programming en refactoring. Objects, classes, and constructors are an interesting thing in Smalltalk. One of the unique features of Smalltalk is that while you are programming, you are living in a world of live objects, not in a world of static program text. And, if so, how can you program Ruby 'the Smalltalk way'? Smalltalk lets you think about your program in terms of objects. Somehow I found myself reading an interesting article on Smalltalk for anybody who has done any programming in any other environment ever. Ä�As a programming language becomes higher and higher level, its the pointer pointing to the object is the object itself SmaCC: Smalltalk Compiler Compiler. It is generally considered very poor programming style to pass blocks around and hold on to them for extended periods. In Smalltalk, these are accessable to the program as objects (of course) and are called contexts . A Smalltalk Block is an object.

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